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Your business is more than just your employees. It’s also the customer experience, the products and services you deliver, and the financial health of your company. But how do you know if all those things are working together in synergy to optimize growth? We can assist you in gaining perspective, enabling you to make informed decisions that are right for your business.

Business reports are critical tools for guiding decision-making and allowing business owners and management to enable them to budget, forecast and plan for the future.

The iPDA provides a holistic view of your business performance through comprehensive reporting. By actively monitoring and managing your business’s daily activities helps identify areas where improvement or growth is needed to transform your business and improve your financial standing. iPDA has standard reporting to assist in the monitoring of entity activities, including: Management, operational and client management reporting

iPDA Reporting Includes:

Management Reporting:

  • Cash Flow report
  • Bordereaux report o VAT report
  • Creditor Transaction Summary report
  • CP distributions

Operational Reporting:

  • Breaching mandates
  • Consumer added count
  • Consumer plan end dates
  • DC Action report
  • No active plans
  • Unidentified funds report

Consumer Management Reporting:

Consumer Payment Performance report

Default report

With our self-service model enabled (and the capabilities ever growing) we empower Debt Counsellors and Creditors to resolve and manage some of the queries that required the PDA’s assistance previously to facilitate prompt query resolution and an overall better experience.

Features included on the iPDA self-service UI:

  • Management of all consumer exception funds;
  • Generating proof of payments and/or creditor payment schedules through our DC and Creditor portals;
  • With self-service in mind, we provide the ability to generate all iPDA DC reporting from our DC portal

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