iPDA Debt Review Collections

At iPDA we know that Collections are the lifeline of Debt Counsellors.

We focus relentlessly on increasing collection rates and continuously look for new and improved collection mechanisms to add to our capability set.

Various payment collection methods are available, such as:

  • Debicheck (TT1 real-time and TT2 delayed)
  • Debit EFT (Ad-hoc strikes and Restrike functionality)
  • EFT

What makes us unique is we have:

  • Reporting
    Worked with some of the largest debt counsellors in SA to improve the collection reports allowing you to act as soon as possible to follow up with consumers reflecting risks of not paying
  • Strike Management
    The iPDA has also implemented strike amendment changes, allowing for the loading of a plan or plan amendments prior to the required strike date of 12:00 daily.
  • Restrikes
    Debt Counselors whilst on the phone with a defaulting consumer can also agree and load a restrike on a previous unsuccessful debit order or missed payment.
  • Debit Amendments
    Once plans are submitted to the iPDA, Adhoc amendments are available to accommodate real-life unavoidable situations such as
    • reducing/increasing the collection amount for a period
    • Ad-hoc adjustments to creditor installments
    • adding or removing a collection period

With some of the measures indicated above the iPDA can boast a 96 percent collection rate attained through DebiCheck.

To be part of the iPDA journey, simply sent an email to: info@intuitive.co.za

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Article courtesy DebtFree Digi Magazine.


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